Council of Western State Foresters

Council of Western State Foresters

The Western Forestry Leadership Coalition (WFLC) is a unique partnership between the Council of Western State Foresters (CWSF) and western USDA Forest Service leaders.

CWSF is a nonpartisan, nonprofit membership organization comprised of state, territorial and commonwealth foresters from 17 western U.S. states and six American-Affiliated Pacific Islands. 

CWSF works collaboratively with the western leadership of the Forest Service across jurisdictional boundaries to protect, conserve and enhance western and Pacific Island forests.  

CWSF takes a broad and comprehensive approach to forest management and provides expertise on the many complex and interrelated factors at play in western forestry. This expertise is strengthened and enhanced by the close partnership between CWSF and the western leadership of the Forest Service through the WFLC. 

Though there is great diversity across western and Pacific Island forests, there are key forest management issues that are shared across forests types and jurisdictions. These issues present ample opportunities for collaboration between state and federal partners and are the focal point for the work of the WFLC.    

CWSF members make up half the membership of WFLC, and CWSF staff work across both organizations, tasked with implementing the work of the WFLC. 

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