Landscape Scale Restoration Competitive Grant Program

Landscape Scale Restoration Competitive Grant Program

The delivery of State & Private Forestry (S&PF) programs is most effective when our collective efforts are aligned and when available resources are focused on issues and landscapes of national importance.

The Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) Competitive Grant Program prioritizes landscapes of national importance, using the Forest Action Plans and the national themes (specifically the National Themes/Priorities identified in the Farm Bill consistent with P.L. 110-246 Section 8001). 

The objective is to focus competitive LSR funds on activities that address priority areas, challenges and opportunities facing Western lands. Funding for the LSR Competitive Process is made possible through the USDA Forest Service. 

WFLC is charged with delivering the LSR competitive grant process in the West. Our LSR grants team reviews, scores and makes recommendations on project proposals from Western states and island territories, which are passed along to the WFLC membership for approval. Proposed projects recommended for funding are then sent to the Forest Service.

For more information, please contact: 

John Smith
Competitive Grants Manager