Northeastern California Plateaus Bioregion science synthesis published

Northeastern California Plateaus Bioregion science synthesis published

June 12, 2020
Herald and News

In response to requests from local stakeholders, the USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region enlisted the help of the Forest Service scientists within the Western Center for Native Plant Conservation and Restoration Science to synthesize existing research to better understand dry conifer forests and rangelands of Northeastern California’s plateau region. These ecosystems are found primarily on the Lassen and Modoc national forests. The Northeastern California Plateaus Bioregion Science Synthesis is being published today and highlights the best available science on natural resources and socioeconomic considerations in these unique ecosystems. It is found online at

This science synthesis provides a science-based foundation to be used by the agency, stakeholders, tribes and the public during future forest planning efforts, particularly for the Lassen and Modoc national forests. It augments two previously-published science syntheses for the Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascade mountains and Northwest Forest Plan area. Together the three reports will inform upcoming forest planning efforts across different ecosystems in Northern California, Washington and Oregon. New science or any not included in the three syntheses may also be considered.

“This report is invaluable in our efforts to utilize the best available science for planning. It also provides a foundation for holding informed conversations with the public and our key stakeholders about the unique ecosystems in Northeastern California,” said Randy Moore, regional forester of the Pacific Southwest Region in California.

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