Idaho IDs two massive sites for land management joint effort

Idaho IDs two massive sites for land management joint effort

July 2, 2019
Capital Press

Idaho officials on July 1 identified two sprawling areas in the state where they plan to work with federal officials, private parties and others in an innovative effort aimed at reducing wildfire risk and improving forest health.

A Dec. 18 shared-stewardship agreement between the state and USDA calls for cooperative, landscape-scale management irrespective of jurisdictional boundaries. The agreement builds on a 4-year-old Good Neighbor Authority in which the Idaho Department of Lands carries out land management projects on national forests.

The state and Forest Service “will work in partnership to restore forest health in these priority landscapes using all available tools,” Intermountain Region Forester Nora Rasure said. “We are setting these priorities together while combining our mutual skills and assets to achieve cross-boundary outcomes desired by all.”

Northern Region Forester Leanne Marten said advances in mapping technologies, remote sensing and fire simulation tools enable land managers to evaluate the most desirable locations for projects. “These tools for scenario investment planning give stakeholders the science-based capacity to find opportunities for lasting improvements in forest conditions,” she said.

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